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Fix errors with your POP3 account

The good thing about the POP3 e-mail protocol is that most webmail accounts are based on it which means you can easily link your e-mail client to it.

However, sometimes when configuring your e-mail to work with a POP3 account, you can experience problems with mail getting stuck, not delivered, etc etc. If you're not very good at e-mail configuration, then this can be quite a problem but POPDele is designed for those that need to fix stuck mail without delving into the technicalities of POP3 accounts. One good example is for when you need to remove mails from your webmail account that your external client (such as Outlook) can't handle i.e. very large or corrupt files.

There's not much to the configuration - simply add your ISP, e-mail address and POPDele will list all pending messages. This prevents the annoying issue of every time you connect, your client trying to download the same stuck messages. This has only been tested with Outlook Express so there's no guarantee it will work with other clients but if you've been having problems with stubborn mail, then it may be your best bet.

A useful utility for all those POP3 users who simply can't unblock their account or have struggled with corrupt mail in an external client.

Service Providers give you email services that use POP3, ie they can be accessed using Outlook Express and other clients that support the POP3 protocol.

However, there is often the possibility of that one invalid email that keeps stopping your mail downloads, and every time you connect it downloads the same messages, and gets stuck at the same one.


  • Unblocks mail that's too big or corrupted in POP3 accounts
  • Works with most webmail accounts


  • May not work with all external clients


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POPDele 1.0 for PC


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